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In a significant development for Mumbai’s cricket team, **Prithvi Shaw**, the talented opening batsman, has made a successful recovery from his injury and is set to rejoin the squad for the upcoming Ranji Trophy matches.

Shaw’s Comeback

Prithvi Shaw, who had been sidelined due to a fitness concern, has now regained his health and is ready to return to the cricket field. His inclusion in the Mumbai Ranji Trophy squad marks a significant moment in his career, signaling his successful return to competitive cricket.

Impact on the Team

Shaw’s return is expected to bolster Mumbai’s batting lineup, providing a much-needed boost to the team’s performance in the Ranji Trophy. His aggressive batting style and ability to score runs quickly could be a game-changer for Mumbai.

Looking Ahead

With Shaw’s return, fans and cricket pundits alike will be keenly watching Mumbai’s performance in the Ranji Trophy. It remains to be seen how Shaw’s presence influences the team’s dynamics and contributes to their success in the tournament.


The fit-again Prithvi Shaw’s inclusion in Mumbai’s Ranji Trophy squad is a positive development for the team. As Shaw gears up to make his return, the cricketing world will be eagerly watching his performance in the upcoming matches.


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